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Chakramama Healing Service

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EFT - Body Tapping & Sound Therapy

Release anxiety, stress, limiting self believes and stagnant energies. Book your discovery call now.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 200 British pounds
  • Battersea

Service Description

Harness the power of tapping to release emotional blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs with our EFT sessions. Using a combination of acupressure points and affirmations, we gently guide you through the process of identifying and releasing negative emotions, allowing for greater emotional freedom, clarity, and empowerment. This is a 90 minutes of Sound Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique best know as EFT Tapping treatment. It promotes harmony and balance within your whole being. The universal Life force, also know as ki, chi or prana is believed to flow through energy centres and meridian pathways all over the body, affecting health and wellbeing. EFT Tapping helps to balance the energy centres by using finger tapping on specific meridians and pressure points, helping to release any blockages and releasing the flow of energy to the body system. We will start with a very simple breathing technique, followed by essential oils and the EFT treatment and Sound Therapy. Sound therapy involves placing tibetan bowls on your body. Please informe if you are pregnant or have metal implants in the body. Benefits of EFT: · Stress relief and deep relaxation. · Increase in personal energy and vitality. · A strengthening of the natural self-healing powers and the immune system. · A healthy mind-body connection. · Release of emotional and energetic blockages. · Promoting inner peace. · Rested. · Opening the energy channels for a healthy flow of Prana or Chi. · Promotes a positive mind. . Reduces stress and anxiety

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