Kundalini & Ayurveda Five Element Course

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Learn the secrets of Kundalini and Ayurveda to balance the 5 elements

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Join Kundalini Yoga teacher and Chakra expert Thimela Garcia in an Autumn Kundalini Course Experience. Class will be LIVE online in a private zoom link, we will also record classes and send replay links via email. If you miss a class, you will be able to watch the replay recordings. When our Elements (tattvas) are in balance, we feel more at ease and connected to the higher self. It is from a place of balance, that we walk in both grace and strength. Join us for a special 5-week Kundalini Yoga series to balance the tattvas (5 elements). That’s right! 5 weeks, 5 Kriyas, 5 Mantras and a whole new outlook on life, the world and our empowered body, mind, spirit. Class meets Thursday evenings, 6-7:30pm BST September 1st: Pritivi the grounding energy of the earth September 8th: Jala the creativity of water September 15th: Tejas the passion of fire September 22nd: Vayu the clarity of air September 29th: Akash the inspiration of space/ether We all embody these elements through 5 specific Kriya practices and 5 complimenting Mantras, we will observe as we shift the layers of the body through these physical and energetic practices. In this 5-week series, we will also gain a deeper understanding of the tattvas and take a glance at their connection to the chakras. It will be a combination of brief lecture and practice with meditation. Beginners are always encouraged, and all levels are welcome to attend. Wear loose comfortable clothing . Do not eat right before class, allow a couple of hours to pass after a meal before practicing. On class nights you may want to eat a big lunch or late lunch and then a small snack afterwards. Who is this for? Yoga students seeking to immerse in tools to build strength and confidence in yoga Newcomers to Kundalini Yoga Yoga teachers in any training program Course Primary Outcomes: Tuning into the energy of the heart Experiencing a deeper connection to compassion for self and others Release inner anger and open to vulnerability Overall strength, stamina and vitality There is nothing for you to turn in, this class is just for your own personal development. Drink PLENTY of water (with a little bit of lemon juice) following your practice. You may want to cover your head with a scarf or a hat to keep your energy grounded and prevent headaches. You may experience detox symptoms. Totally normal. Rest as much as you can. Sat Nam Mel xx