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Chakramama Healing Service

Kundalini Yoga Online

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Available Online

Immerse yourself in transformative sessions blending ancient wisdom, breathwork, and postures.

  • 15 British pounds
  • Online - Zoom

Service Description

Join me every Wednesday and Friday morning for a journey within, where spirituality meets movement, unlocking your true potential. Unleash the power of Kundalini, boost vitality, and harmonise your chakras. Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic and powerful form of yoga that combines breath, movement, and meditation to awaken the dormant spiritual energy at the base of the spine, known as Kundalini. This practice aims to unblock and balance the energy centers, or chakras, throughout the body, promoting a harmonious flow of life force energy. Through a diverse range of exercises, including specific postures (asanas), rhythmic breathing techniques (pranayama), and chanting, practitioners tap into their inner vitality and connect with a higher state of consciousness. Kundalini Yoga is not just a physical workout; it’s a holistic journey toward self-discovery, enlightenment, and an elevated sense of well-being. Join me on this transformative path to unlock your inner power and embrace a life of balance and bliss. Embark on a journey of holistic well-being with regular Kundalini Yoga practice! Experience a myriad of transformative benefits: 1. Elevated Energy Levels: Ignite your life force energy, enhancing vitality and stamina for a vibrant day-to-day existence. 2. Chakra Harmony: Achieve balance and alignment within your energy centers, promoting emotional stability and mental clarity. 3. Stress Relief: Unwind and release tension through dynamic movements, breathwork, and meditation, fostering a calm and centered mind. 4. Spiritual Awakening: Connect with your higher self and explore the depths of your spiritual potential, cultivating a profound sense of purpose and inner peace. 5. Enhanced Flexibility and Strength: Combine postures and movements that not only stretch and strengthen the body but also contribute to overall physical fitness. 6. Improved Focus and Concentration: Sharpen your mental faculties through meditation practices, enhancing cognitive function and mindfulness. 7. Emotional Resilience: Develop resilience to life's challenges by fostering emotional intelligence and a positive mindset. 8. Heart-Centered Living: Cultivate compassion, love, and gratitude, fostering harmonious relationships and a deeper connection with yourself and others. Unlock the holistic benefits of Kundalini Yoga, and witness the transformation of your mind, body, and spirit.

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