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Chakramama Healing Service

Supporting Health Through The Seasons

This course has started, but you can book the remaining sessions.

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A Unique Online Kundalini Yoga Series designed to support your health through the seasons.

  • Started 27 Sept
  • 39.99 British pounds
  • Online Meet Up

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Service Description

There are so many systems and ways to support your body that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. One approach to make sure you are taking care of all of the body systems is to align your health focus with the seasons so that you can organically support each system in an integrated way through the year. Series 1: Starts on Wednesday 27th September and ends on 18th October. 4 week plan *One class per week Systems/Organs to Support during this period: Lungs • Large Intestines • Skin • Respiratory and Immune System Habits to Adapt: • Fall is another perfect time to increase cardio or vigorous workouts. • Continue to balance the body’ pH with alkaline fresh foods. • Hydrotherapy. Add in cold showers, saunas/steam rooms and a daily, oil massage to cleanse the lymph • Time for Reflexions and journaling During these 4 weeks we will focus on practices that are orientated to strengthening the lungs, large intestines, skin, the respiratory and immune system. Each week we will practice different kriyas to support these organs and system in our bodies. Classes: Every Wednesday Time: 9:00am to 10:30am Location: Online. Zoom Who is this serie for? This program or series is aimed to anyone who would like to strengthening these organs and systems in their bodies. Anyone experiencing long covid symptoms, weak immune system, low energy levels, skin conditions, respiratory system issues or just simply anyone who would like to align their health focus with the seasons and establish a regular kundalini yoga practice under the guidance and supervision of a profesional and experienced kundalini yoga teacher. This online course is open to all levels and already established kundalini yoga teachers that would like to deepen their own practice and knowledge. You will need a yoga mat and a clean ventilated space, and a bottle of water. What is included: - 4 Live Traditional Kundalini yoga. 90 min class - Breathing techniques - Guided Meditations - Natural Recipes to support the related organs an body systems - PDF handouts - Unlimited access to prerecorded videos - Fall season journal prompts - A personalised and professional support Classes will be recorded for you to replay and continue practicing during the week. Precautions: This program is not suitable for people over 120 of pregnancy If you have any health issues please contact me on:

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