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What is Ceremonial Cacao?


Ceremonial Cacao ‘Food of the Gods’ is the most pure and organic form of raw chocolate. It has been processed at low temperatures keeping the indigenous traditions to maximize its health and spiritual  benefits. Cacao Jungle uses ethically sourced Cacao from the criollo variety harvest in The South Lake - Venezuela to bring you the ultimate experience.


Nutrition Information per 100g:

Energy Value (kcal) 579.60 / 2425.05 (kj)

Fat(g) 52 

Saturated (g) 33.30 

Carbohydrates (g) 7.40 

Sugars (g) 1 

Protein (g) 12.50 

Salt (g) 3.30 


* This product does not contain allergens

* This product fulfills the current EU legislation

* Contains no added sugar

* Keep out of reach of children at all times

100% Venezuelan Ceremonial Cacao

Expected shipping by end of April
  • ✔️ It may support natural healing of the body due to its high content of Antioxidants and Minerals such as Iron, Magnesium & Vitamin E.

    ✔️ It may support healing for the soul and the conscience, since it contains high amounts of Theobromine and Anandamide, molecules that help to elevate mood facilitating clarity of thought.

    ✔️ It may help the heart work better due to its richness in several of its nutritional components. 

    ✔️ It may improve stem cell function

    ✔️ It may boost collagen production

    ✔️ It may improve general cognition and working memory

    ✔️ It may facilitate clarity, allowing us to connect with the true inner self.  The nutritional richness of Cacao Jungle is the natural option to support heart and brain chakras.

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