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Why Crystals are so effective for Energy Healing.

By Thimela Garcia

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Energy Healing Crystals

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is an effective way to work with the imbalances in your energy body. There is currently a wide range of different holistic modalities, some more popular than others, and it is important to mention that not all of them are suitable for everyone. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, how much time you have, and so on.

A non-invasive healing system works with the Higher Self of the receiver to promote health and wellbeing of the entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Therefore energy healing is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness. It is an extremely powerful, yet gentle way to restore balance in your body.

Crystal Healing

Crystals are medicina from Mother Earth. The word medicina is of shamanic origin and means everything that Mother Earth gives us to heal ourselves and recover our physical, mental and emotional health. Mother Earth provides us with plants and medicinal herbs in the natural kingdom, and in the mineral kingdom, Mother Earth gives us crystals and gems. Crystal healing is about using these natural resources to recalibrate the body’s vibrational frequency. Crystals can store, absorb and transmit energy.

Can Crystal Healing improve your health?

Mother Earth provides us with everything we need to heal ourselves: minerals, food, plants, medicinal herbs and crystals. Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy for energy healing that uses the power of crystals, natural stones and minerals as a conduit to tap into the energy of the energy centres (chakras) and our electromagnetic field.

Crystals can help us in two ways:

Vibration of the crystal: With their high-vibrational frequency, crystals have a unique ability to balance our chakras and our energy field. Quartz crystals, for example, have the highest emanation of high-vibrational frequencies, and this is why we use them as healing crystals.

Colour of the crystal: We use crystals for their colour, which affects our chakras because their vibration emanates colour. An effective cure has the power to create stability at an energetic level, and reinforcement on a chromatic (colour-related) level. For this reason, we can wear crystals or put them on our bodies for crystal healing over every energy centre. We can use minerals of the same colour as the chakras, and this creates stability and is used as a very successful medicine.

We can use crystals in our favourite colour, enjoy crystals as an ornament or bring them into our homes to achieve balance within our space. We can use them to meditate and relax. If we have a special connection that we feel in our heart, and a certain crystal attracts us – a particular colour or shape – then simply feeling that, and resounding with the crystal’s energy, amplifies its effectiveness even more.

Clear crystals help us to have a greater connection with ourselves and who we really are: moving further from our ego and our personality, toward our true character and personal nature. Merely wearing a crystal is not enough, though. To use its power as a remedy – as a medicine – it is recommended that you have constant contact with it, on your body: put it near your heart, or in a bag with other shamanic medications. Furthermore, you must integrate its vibration.

I find that wearing a crystal as a necklace is a very effective and practical way to absorb its energy, because it resonates with the most powerful instrument we have – our heart. We can also wear crystals on our wrists, or on our hands as a ring, because we are always moving our hands. According to the Tantras, our body has 72,000 nadis or energy channels, which are electromagnetic, and around 114 chakras, and they are constantly interchanging, absorbing and emanating energy, so when we hold a crystal or place a crystal on our body there is a positive exchange of energy there. This is how crystal healing takes place.

Among the three kingdoms of the planet Earth (the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms), the only one that is stable, and outside the laws of time, is the crystal kingdom. Crystals last forever, especially those belonging to the quartz family, which can be owned and passed on from generation to generation. They don’t change, they regulate themselves automatically, and they fix themselves, because they have been created, developed and grown in the interior of the Earth – in the guts of Mother Earth – and hold the Earth’s DNA imprint.

Disease and illness are created due to a low-vibrational body and have a great percentage of stagnant negative energy, and this is what causes pains in the human body at a particular moment. Placing crystals on the chakras, holding them or wearing them, can help to raise low energies up to a higher vibration and release those energy blockages. Meditation, visualization and colour therapy are all excellent ways to balance the chakra system at home. Many people find crystals and semi-precious stones helpful in focusing and balancing their chakras.

The list below is an overview of some common ailments and the crystals that can help to alleviate them. You can meditate with all these crystals, whether by holding them in your left hand, placing them on the related chakra, wearing them as jewellery, having them around your home or placing them under your pillow.



Black tourmaline (grounding) Danburite (comforting)

Blue-lace agate (calming and soothing) Sodalite (calming the mind)

Amethyst (attracts positive energy) Shungite (helps release negative energy) Fluorite (understanding)

Haematite (grounding)


Rose quartz (stimulates self-worth and inner peace) Sunstone (radiates positive energy)

Lepidolite (stabilizes mood)

Smoky quartz (grounding)

Pink opal (heals emotional pain) Carnelian (motivation)

Tiger’s eye (strength)

Rutilated quartz (uplifting)


Blue-lace agate (calming)

Black jasper (calming and grounding) Sodalite (calming the mind) Rhodonite (centring)

Amazonite (balance and harmony) Clear quartz (cleansing and balancing) Shungite (releases negativity)

Weight Loss

Yellow jasper (motivation and willpower) Lodolite (manifestation, amplifies intentions) Sunstone (uplifting, keeps positive energy)

Yellow apatite (aids poor digestion, eliminates toxins) Lolite (releases fatty deposits)

Gaspeite (stimulates metabolism)


Pink calcite (promotes inner peace)

Amethyst (transition/transformation)

Black onyx (grounding, inner strength)

Rose quartz (unconditional love, soothing)

Clear quartz (master healer for physical and emotional pain) Moonstone (grounding, soothing)

Pink opal (calming, relieves stress)


Black tourmaline (grounding, protective) Labradorite (inner wisdom)

Haematite (mental strength) Aquamarine (calming, serenity) Blue-lace agate (centring, calming)

Black onyx (alleviates worries) Garnet (general fears, insecurity)

Immune-system Boosting

Amethyst (cleansing, balancing) Ametrine (strengthens the immune system) Carnelian (vitalizer, purifies) Aquamarine (alleviates triggers) Bloodstone (purification)

Brown jasper (clears toxins)

Green aventurine (fights flu symptoms) Malachite (boosts immune system)

Buying crystals

When buying crystals make sure they are from a reliable source and ethically sourced. It is believed within the spiritual community that you don’t actually choose the crystals, but the crystals choose you! So next time you are in the crystal shop, let your intuition and your body’s energy to pick the right crystal for you.

*Content shared by Thimela Garcia, author of The Godsfield Companion Book of Chakras. Publisher Octopus.

About the author:

Thimela Garcia is a Venezuelan-British author, yoga teacher and holistic practitioner based in London. After practising yoga for a few years, Thimela studied and certified as a Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher among other specialities in the healing arts such as Reiki, sound healing, EFT body tapping. Thimela is known across the wellness industry and social media as Chakramamahealing. Her portfolio of clients and collaborations are a testament to her teachings and approach.

To get more information about crystal healing and to get in touch with Thimela, please visit the links below.



The information shared in this article is not intended to take the place of treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. Before making any changes in your health regime, always consult a doctor.


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